Modify Outbound CID Per Trunk


Mainly when I am routing calls I set the CID as Country Code followed by Phone Number so for example:


However one of my trunks requires that I prepend 00 in front of that CID to give me the correct number on the receiving line. Which would give me:


How can I prepend 00 to any CID that passes through a certain trunk?

Hope that all makes sense!


you can set callerid when you are dialing trunk in dialplan . for example :

exten => _341X.,1,Set(Set(CALLERID(num)=00${EXTEN})
exten => _341X.,n,Dialiiiing your trunk

That looks perfect, I’m a little unsure where to put this so that it will only take effect on a particular trunk.

you should put where you are dialing particular trunk . you can use GotoIF and ${CALLERID(num)} variable in your dialplan to add this rule just the specific numbers .

I thought I could do this quite easily, but I am also using a2billing so I think I need to modify the CID using a2billing.php? I’m looking through the code now, let me know if I’m wrong.