i have 6 isdn BRI telephones here. my problem is, that there are different wishes from the people who are on the telephones. person 1 wants for example the external CID number 123456 15 and person 2 the external CID Number 123456 20 and the third one wants to telephone with CID Number unknown. Now i have to Set the CID Numbers dependent from the MSN from the isdn telephone. Is this possible?

Thanks, Oliver :smile:

does no one has any idea?

Greetings, Oliver

Using FreePBX for my version of *@H, when you set up each extention, you can tell it what you want the outgoing caller id info to be, and even specify a second caller id if its going out what is set up as an emergency route to show a different local number for easier 911 ident.

Hope that helps