Hardware question - first time asterisk setup

I need to build an asterisk server with 12 extensions, 2 outside lines from the local telco, and the rest through vonage. Here’s what my research has shown that I need. Please let me know if this is adequate as I am a first time asterisk user.

single Intel Xeon 2.8 server; 1024M ram; 1 100base/T NIC card
I just need a single NIC right?
1 digium TDM400P series PCI card with 2 FXO modules and no FXS modules
1 linksys 24 port PoE switch
12 SNOM 320 IP phones

Is it really this simple? as far as setup, i would simply configure all the devices including the server on a single subnet, connect the 2 POTS lines, perform the asterisk setup, and then use asterisks software to interface with vonage’s servers?

Am I missing any hardware?

Your list looks good to me. If the budget allows for it I strongly recommend you go with a server class machine from a reputable company (i.e. Dell, HP, IBM). You can go with there smallest/cheapest options but phone systems are a mission critical application in almost every workplace so this is one place where cheap hardware is a bad idea.


Your list sounds complete.

You probably don’t need a full gigabyte of ram. One of my asterisk machines is running with 384 Meg of ram and still has some extra. That’s with a 4 T-1 Digium card. Most of the new machines I build for Asterisk have 512Meg of ram, and it has been plenty. As long as your not running anything else on the machine Asterisk is pretty efficient, especially don’t run X-Windows.

If you’re building you own machine buy good parts, it will save you time and headaches later. Also if your running something mission critical, have extra parts or even a entire backup machine ready to go at any time. The degree of redundancy just depends on how critical your systems are.


one thing if you decide to go with a dell - don’t use the onboard gig-E controller!!! in fact, you might not want to use any intel-based network controller period, there are some compatibility issues between digium and intel hardware…just to be safe, i wouldn’t use them.