Server for outbound sales calls, all agents work @home?


This is my first post and I have a loooot to learn. I’m pretty tech savvy but very new to the server and Asterix/Linux area. I figure it is something I want to learn for my business pursuits.

I have a couple ideas I’d like to implement. Essentially I want to run an Asterisk server from home with agents all working from their homes whenever they want.

Basics of what I’m envisioning currently:

  1. Asterisk server would be stationed at home.
  2. Would be working with something like Vicidial to make outbound calls.
  3. Google Voice implemented to somehow forward calls from dialer to agents home number.
  4. Agents would log in via browser.

Things I’m unsure of/random thoughts:

  1. Is there a way to have the voip running directly from agents computer, while just retrieving outbound call info (phone numbers) from the main server? Essentially having the server only handling coding of the calls and doling out the numbers to logged in agents?
  2. Can call recordings just be uploaded to the main server for later review?
  3. Is is possible to have the dialer connect to the agent just one time and all calls are now just forwarded through to them without interruption?

It looks like there are ways to have multiple Google Voice “agents” from my research but I’m not 100% sure about that.

I’m basically looking for a solution that will allow agents to work from home, whenever they want. If they want to make some calls they log in via their browser, the call is forwarded to them through Google Voice so they don’t have to pay anything (and neither would I lol). The other things are just idea on how to possibly save bandwidth?

Just a young nerdy entrepreneur looking for ideas on where to start. What to read. What solutions to pursue. Etc.