Asterisk Hosting Options


This is my first post here and I’m admittedly rather new when it comes to Asterisk. A previous employer of mine used it and I assited the IT team at that time in simple matters but I never got into the meat of the system. The system we used before was hosted in house so we worked with it in our datacenter. Again, I didnt get too close to anything as it was not my main job function, which is why I’m here (have since moved to a new company).

I have a couple of questions and I’m hoping someone on this forum can help by providing some info/answers/links/howtos. :smile:

I’m looking to have asterisk as my outbound calling solution. We have a client list that we will be calling via outbound calls. Most calls are going to be automated (think along the lines of something similar to a cleaning service company who wants to call their customers when their clothes/items are ready to be picked up. Completely automated.) NO THIS IS NOT SPAM OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT

So the questions are:

  1. Is this possible with Asterisk? Can automated outbound calls be done?
  2. If so, will Asterisk operate successfully on a hosting provider (something like rackspace, or another hosting provider)?
  3. Again, if so, Does anyone have any good hosts that they could recommend? Do I need a certain plan (VPS, Dedicated, etc)
  4. Does this server need Telephony equipment or can we utilize a pure Ethernet solution?
  5. Are there recommendations I can follow for determining the equipment that i need to run this on (e.g.: 2.8 GHZ,4GB RAM, etc)

Thank you in advance for any help you may provide, I really appreciate it. :smile:

1 you could write a script and dial to some number and play an wav file.

2 nearly nobody don’t support it.
3 I think VPS is engough for you calls is not too much. but the memory is more than 512M that will be better.
4 what you need is only an asterisk server and a service provider
5 …[/quote]

  1. Yes, look here: … o-dial+out .


Marco Bruni

astercrm works great for me