SendText command -- is an active channel really necessary?

So I was trying to figure out how to send SMSs either through AMI or the dialplan (pretty much the same, either way would be acceptable to me), and came across, which raised an interesting question.

Do I really need to supply an active channel to do this? Does this imply I can only send a remote SMS to cell phone that has an active channel (i.e. is on a call) in my Asterisk instance?

I’m a relative novice with Asterisk so I’m sure I’m missing something insanely obvious so any info is greatly appreciated.

That describes the SIP MESSAGE method support, not SMS. I seem to remember there is now a way of sending out of dialogue messages, or at least relaying them (I’m not sure Asterisk can originate them). You need special dialplan entries to describe how to map the destination extension into a destination device. … essageSend

Ah, thanks for the reply David. I did come across this, but the documents I encountered (actually the link you provided I think) left me with the impression that this was for 10. Is 1.8 left in the cold on MessageSend?

Thanks again.

Probably, but look at the changes files in the top level source directory - I would hope any packager would copy them to /usr/doc/… or similar.