Sending faxes and getting status back

OK. Sorry for any noobness shown here as I’m just trying to get a handle on this. About 4 years ago, I had a company put together some faxing applications for me on Asterisk where the system has a T1 interface card providing 23 PRI lines. We’ve been using it all this time generally for inbound toll free faxes and it has been operating just great. And in reality, I don’t need to change that operation at all.

Recently, I started using the tools they provided for also sending faxes out over those same PRI lines. I’m not concerned at all with any collision of inbound and outbound faxing as I’m not seeing anything more than 25% utilization during heavy traffic periods.

The system they put together takes basically 2 arguments, a fax number and a TIF image and the magic happens. The call gets queued up, placed and the fax delivered. Somehow or another, and this is where I’m stumbling, the status of the call gets written back to a Postgres database. I’m able to query the database and see if the call is still in the process of delivering or completed with either “SUCCESS” or “FAILED”. But that is all I’m getting back. I would like to get a bit more information such as the far end CSID if available, speed the fax was delivered at, number of pages delivered, etc. Also some further status on a failed call such as marginal bit rate. Or line busy. No answer. Voice answer.

I have not been able to contact the company that put the tools together. But I feel this is something I should be able to tackle with just a bit of guidance. So if there is anyone who could give a little assistance, I would greatly appreciate it.


Check out the FAXOPT function in Asterisk.

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