SendFax via AMI (pyst)

I am trying to send fax via AMI (scripting it with a slightly modified pyst).

Now I can place call (“task”) and get reason “4” back with OriginateResponse event (“Remote end has answered”) — everything works, remote end receives my fax.

r = mgr.originate( 'SIP/m2000/1234567', '1234567', context='cntx', priority='1', caller_id='7654321', async=True, variables={ 'TRUNK': 'SIP/m2000' }, application='SendFax', data='/tmp/file.tiff,f' )

But, please, is it ever possible to obtain a status code of Application?

My script receives OriginateResponse event upon call answering (or when remote end is BUSY or like that), and receives nothing after SendFax finishes its job.