Fax Opt Status Failure, Verbose OK

I’ve been having some trouble understanding and finding a reason for some of the status I get back from Fax Opt. Daily I will get false failures, as in the fax arrived but Asterisk returns a status of failed…occasionally I’ll get a false positive but that’s not often…but the one I’m most curious about is why I would get a status of Failed with an Error message of OK.

I’m obviously new, trying to learn this stuff and would appreciate any insights and suggestions to help me on my journey. I can provide more info if needed, but I didn’t want to paste a dissertation in here right off the bat.

Thank you in advance.

Fax is not exactly a precise protocol when translated to a packet switching network. The result may be OK, but in case there is a missing page termination you get an error. I guess the old analog equipment was sometimes not as strict about reporting errors.

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