SendFax Dialplan Application in Asterisk 1.6


I am able to send and receive Faxes via the Asterisk 1.6 built in Dialplanapplications SendFax and ReceiveFax respectively.

When Using SendFax, I wonder why the Application immediately sets
the following Dialplanvariables beneath others:

FAXERROR=Channel problems

Why sets it FAXSTATUS to FAILED even before the other Fax has answered the call?
Same applies for FAXERROR…
After the Fax is sent, the Variables are again set… but because my Application “listenes” to Events, it becomes difficult to handle…
Am I overseeing something?

And… how can I set the FAXBITRATE? SendFax always uses 9600Baud, which is quite slow (but somehow more reliable, maybe…)

What should I do, if I want to use T.38?

(I am using a Digium T400P quad PRI Card in Europe)

Is there a limit, how many parallel lines can be used for faxing with this Setup (Asterisk 1.6 compiled from scratch, no additional modules, no digium free fax and so on…)?

Thanks for your input.