"Realtime" management of custom state device states & hints

Hi all,

I’m currently managing the custom hints of my installation with option U of the Dial() application (for in use state) and the h priority (for not in use state).

It works correctly except in case of attended transfer initiated from Snom phones (D785).

My idea is to work with events (AMI) to revert a correct state for the channels/extensions (I’m using hot desking). I could also use a batch file that would parse the output of the command “core show channels concise” triggered every second.

From your point of view, what’s the best approach knowing that when a channel change of status, I need to query the database to get the associated extension and update the custom hint accordingly…

Thanks in advance for your help !


Have you looked in to Hangup Handlers ?


There is also the HINT() function.



Thanks for your answer.

I was already using the hangup handlers.

Call A-> B
Call B → C
Bridge A to C

When hanging up between B to C, the custom state was set to not_inuse on both legs.

So after bridging A to C, the C endpoint was still notified as not in use…

Finally I managed to store in MySQL all the actives couples endpoints/channels.

It’s only when there is no more records for one endpoint that I update the associated state to not_inuse.

Seems to work quite well.

Insert and delete in de are triggered by gosub in Dial application and hangup handlers.


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