Selecting Trunks via Outboundroutes


At the moment I have the following problem:
When I want to make a call abroad, the call is not assigned to the appropriate trunk.

I use outbound routes to segment the calls for the correct trunks.
I have created outbound routes for each of the different trunks. The call always goes via the wrong trunk or the wrong outbound routes. In the “correct” outbound route I have already stored the specific number via which I am calling out, but the call is still segmented via a wrong trunk.
I don’t know if it changes anything, at least I have also placed the outbound route for the correct trunk above the wrong one in the overview of outbound routes.

What could be the reason for this?

Are you referring to configuration in a GUI, such as FreePBX? If so that community forum is located at

what GUI you use ?

you can see details error with asterisk console log, post it here

kindly can you share the Asterisk CLI Logs to enabling sip logs by command: sip set debug on.

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