All. Circuits are busy now

Hello dear friends. I have almost 9 SIP trunks in my freepbx. All trunks are working ok: can make and receive calls. But one sip trunk receives call, but i cant place outbound call.

Seems I have an issue (misconfiguration’ in my outbound route. But I have some kind of template which I always use to config either sio trink or outbound and inbound routes.

So. I’ve googling all day long today, but wasn’t able to find useful information

How do I troubleshoot thus kinda issue?

This is is a forum for raw Asterisk. You should assume we know nothing about FreePBX.

Basically you need to provide logs of the failing call. You will probably need to enable protocol logging “pjsip set logger on”, or for the deprecated driver, “sip set debug on”, as Asterisk CLI command. Network topology is also likely to be important.

Note that the message that your subject hints at contains four numbers, total number endpoints dialled, number failing with busy, number with congestion and number with unavailable. Although is is always a secondary error, and you really need enough logging to see the primary error, knowing into which of the three categories the failure falls may give some clues.


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