Segmentation fault after Ringing

when a call come s from kamailio (wss proxy) to asterisk
Asterisk start to dialout
when Ringing comes back from trunk (183)
Asterisk crash with segmentation fault
any advice ?

i use goautodial on CentOS 7
Asterisk 13.17.2-vici built by root @ on a x86_64

core.882-info.txt (400 Bytes) core.16089-full.txt (65.9 KB) core.16089-thread1.txt (2.1 KB) core.16089-brief.txt (46.2 KB) core.16089-locks.txt (609 Bytes)

Please see my previous comment on one of your segmentation faults for which you provided a dump that wasn’t from a segmentation fault: Asterisk Segmentation fault after call pickup - #2 by david551

Also note that version 13 will not have bugs fixed as it is now in security fixes only status, so please provide dumps from a currently supported version (with, of couse symbol tables from an unoptimised build).

Again this looks like memory corruption which may have happened some time before abort() was called, although this time it is in Dial() rather than in conference processing.

Looking at VICIdial Scratch Install CentOS 7 & Asterisk 13 – Anwer's Blog the naming of the tar ball suggests that you may be using customised version of the Asterisk source code, in which case the only people who can help you are the people who produced the the “-vici” version.

That’s actually confirmed by the version number in your report:

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