VoiceMailMain causes immediate segmentation fault


Not necessarily looking for the solution here, but hoping that people can point me towards possible causes to investigate.

Background: new to Asterisk, intermediate with Linux. Running Asterisk on an unslung NSLU2. Using Ekiga softphone on Ubuntu PC with CallCentric as in/out provider. Can make out-going and in-coming calls with no problem. Only two other things I really want to do with this implementation: voicemail and google voice. Right now, stuck on voicemail

Problem: VoiceMailMain causes immediate segmentation fault. No intro beep or greeting; no nothing. All asterisk processes are killed.

-- Executing [1000@my-sip:3] VoiceMailMain("SIP/111-00000002", "9999@default") in new stack Segmentation fault

VoiceMail (not VoiceMailMain) is working almost correctly, but not quite. It will answer the phone, allow you to record the message, save the message correctly in the right directory, and give “thank you” message. No error messages are given, but asterisk then drops from CLI, (you get kicked back to linux command line) and asterisk is left in an unstable state. “ps -el” shows that some asterisk processes are still running, but it doesn’t work properly anymore (i.e. can’t make normal SIP calls).

What I’ve checked so far: I googled some posts which said that the NSLU2 could have problems (crash) with certain sound formats, so I tried “Record” and “Playback” to see if that caused a problem. Turns out that I could record but not playback wav files. Playback of wav files generated some error messages but didn’t cause a crash. ulaw was fine both ways. All the announcements seem to work fine in VoiceMail. I even removed all sound files from asterisk to see what would happen, and all the VoiceMail prompts (as expected) disappeared, but otherwise the behaviour was the same. I don’t think that this is my issue.

As you probably know, the NSLU2 has very little memory, so some people said that that could cause it to crash, so I turned autoload to off and only loaded a bare minimum of modules (followed a slimming guide on voip-info), but that didn’t seem to do anything. Also removed most other processes from NSLU2 so that Asterisk was alone, but VoiceMailMain still crashes immediately on first call. I know that the NSLU2 is short on memory, but I’ve run apache/mysql on here without much problem, so maybe it’s a lack of memory, but I’m not sure.’

This was my best idea. Seems possible/likely that there’s a connection between the problem at the end of VoiceMail and the beginning of VoiceMailMain, so I thought maybe there’s a function that records a left voice mail event at the end of VoiceMail in a DB or somewhere that was crashing, and then the VoiceMailMain checks the same DB at the beginning of its work and crashes too. I thought CDR seemed like a likely culprit, so I disabled that (I’m 90% sure I did, but I’m still new at asterisk), but same problem.

I’m looking for new things to investigate. Another idea similar to the one above was sendvoicemail. I don’t have an email system on the Slug, so I disabled this, but maybe Asterisk/VoiceMail still does some check, even if the sendvoicemail = no, and it’s crashing there? Don’t know why that would affect VoiceMailMain anyway.
That’s it. Like I said, I doubt anyone has the silver bullet, but I’d appreciate any ideas. I really want to get this working and I think it should be doable. Thanks.

The only user error that normally leads to such crashes is leaving obsolete modules in the modules directory, but the crash is normally during the initial module load. You should therefore look at: wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … +Backtrace

Taking your hint on obsolete modules, I decided to remove asterisk completely and re-install. It’s true that I had tried to install on older version of asterisk before 1.8. This did remove the segmentation problem, but voicemail still didn’t work. As an experiment, I removed 1.8 and installed 1.6. Voicemail worked great right away. So I think that the 1.8 version in the optware repository for the Slug are just messed up. I’d read that that might be the case in another forum. Apparently the optware 1.8 does work with google voice though, so my choice is either 1.6 and have voicemail, or 1.8 and have google voice. Oh well. Thanks anyway.