Segfault in app_queue, asterisk 13.8-cert1


We updated from ast 13.1-cert7 to 13.8-cert1, like was suggested at Deadlock in asterisk 13.1-cert7

Sadly, We have a crash with that version of asterisk. The backtrace shows a segfault at app_queue, I am attaching it for reference.

Searching for information, I found this related issue:

We update other pabx box to 13.10-rc3, for control, without problems at moment.

May be 13.8-cert1 version isn’t enough mature yet? Do I must open an issue about this?

Thanks for your comments.

The certified branch only receives changes as a result of issues encountered by commercial customers, opening an issue would not help in that case unless you are a commercial customer - in which case it is best to go through support.

I updated to asterisk 13.11-rc1, and this problem was resolved.

Thanks for your attention!