Segfault at 10 ip .. error 4 in

Ive received
Apr 12 09:09:13 freepbx kernel: asterisk[23051]: segfault at 10 ip 00007fed76264ada sp 00007fed53002a60 error 4 in[7fed76248000+3b000]

It is second failure for the last 5 days.

I got the dump like discribed here
But i dont know what to do next?

You would need to provide it so it can be examined. You should also do your own search on the issue tracker for current crashes in app_queue (there is one and it is likely your problem). You also haven’t specified what version of Asterisk is in use.

Asterisk 14.7.1
Here are the files

This issue has already been reported[1] on the issue tracker. As well Asterisk 14 no longer receives bug fixes. If and when it is fixed the change will only go into current supported branches (13 and 15 as of this post).


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