Need help debugging a crash

Hello guys!

We have a customized version of Asterisk in our company (13.8-cert4-NC1). A month ago --in an interval of four days-- there were three segmentation fault crashes (link: – included: 3 backtrace files with (gdb) ‘thread apply all bt’ & 2 Asterisk C files). Sorry, DONT_OPTIMIZE and BETTER_BACKTRACES flags are not set yet. We run a script to install Asterisk here, and besides the build there is a number of steps that must be completed.

Two crashes occured at:
1514 if (assignedids && !ast_strlen_zero(assignedids->uniqueid))
One crash occured at:
4267 if (call->member->in_call && call->lastqueue->wrapuptime)

An update (from Asterisk 13.8-cert4-NC1 to 13.18.3) could mitigate the problem, and since we customized it, it will require testing the code several times, adding each change. Therefore, this is the next option to solve the issue.

Two days ago, Saturday 16, the crash at channel_internal_api.c:1514 repeated for the third time. Any idea about how to tackle the problem?


One of the two problems is solved. In app_queue.c, the following change was applied.