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Hi Group

I have a busy Asterisk system at a doctors clinic (a very large one) which is using Asterisk queuing for incoming calls. Its currently running Asterisk 13.18.5. It has been running fine for well over a year now.
I recently added an IVR in front of the queue and was forced to revert the change due to regular segfaults:
Mar 26 08:35:22 3037-QGPSC-CM1 kernel: asterisk[25700]: segfault at 10 ip 00002ad14c5a319c sp 00002ad15229dcd0 error 4 in[2ad14c58a000+36000]
Mar 26 08:35:23 3037-QGPSC-CM1 safe_asterisk: Asterisk exited on signal 11.
Mar 26 08:35:23 3037-QGPSC-CM1 safe_asterisk: Automatically restarting Asterisk.

Now I was previously experiencing identical app_queue segfaults on this system (log messages only) when using a different dialplan setup of cascading queues. At the time I suspected that I was having issues with ASTERISK-27006 and after reverting the Asterisk version to 13.14.1 the problem went away. Since then I have changed the dialplan back to a standard single queue setup and have upgraded the Asterisk version to 13.18.5 and I suspect that I am experiencing the same bug.

I build generic dialplan modules which create a Local channel between them during the call flow so the caller would be connected from the IVR to the queue via a Local Channel. I suspect that is the reason why this bug is coming into play again.

So my questions are:

  1. Does this look like I am still experiencing ASTERISK-27006?
  2. If so, as its still not resolved, do I need to revert back to 13.14.1?
  3. Would it be worth rebuilding the dialplan so there is no Local Channel between the IVR and queue?
  4. Anything else I could try?

Unfortunately getting a backtrace is going to be problematic as they are extremely busy at the moment with COVID-19 calls and I dont really want to crash the system again.

Thanks so much all.

Can anyone respond to this?

Everyone is free to respond to what they want. In my case I don’t spend time on old versions because I’ve spent a ton of time chasing things that have already been fixed in the past, and don’t wish to do so.

Thanks Joshua

I do fully understand but if it is that bug, it does not appear to be resolved yet and Im wondering what options I have?
Do you think that the latest 13 release should fix problems like this?

Thanks so much.


Without a backtrace it’s impossible to say. The information just says that app_queue was the cause of a crash, anything further is guessing. It may be fixed in newer versions, it may not be.

Ok thanks. I will try and get one although this will certainly be difficult.



I had the same problem, the solution was to update the asterisk,
at the time I had installed version 13.13 and I upgraded to 13.25
so the problem was solved.
The update was easy and did not cause any other problems.

Thanks for responding lucasmorais. I will try out this version.

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