Scenario of confbrige & calls!

I learn basic confbridge.

I am thinking to solve following scenario (Hypothetical):-

  1. there are few sip entities like 6001,6002…600N & few like 7001,7002 etc.
  2. Every sip entity (only 6XXX) should have own conference room like
    6001 have 1001, 6002 have 1002,…,600N have 100N.
  3. Every sip entity should be waiting in its own conference.
    (that can be done by dialing 100X from 600X’s softphone.)
  4. Now if 7001 want to talk with 6001, he/she dial 6001 from his/her softphone as he/she not know about conference room number.
  5. 7001 should automatically enter in conference 1001 & talk with 6001 which already waiting there.
  6. Same way there should be N conference run at same time. (N = as much as possible).

Question is:-

  1. How can be this happens?
  2. What should I write in extensions.conf or other conf files so this can be happens?

Need help!

The ConfBridge application allows you to do conference bridges, that’s the application to use if you want to do conference rooms. As for the rest - that’s basic dialplan processing. If you don’t have any experience I’d suggest reading the Asterisk book[1] to familiarize yourself.


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