Send SIP INVITE to other clients when there is Conference call created using ConfBridge App

Send SIP INVITE to other clients when there is a Conference call created using ConfBridge App. A client who accepts SIP INVITE adds them to the conference.

  • I am able to create a conference but meanwhile I want to send INVITE to all clients to join a conference.
    How this is possible?

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SIP is not relevant here. You just want to make outgoing calls and connect them to the conference. One way of doing this is Originate.

exten => 1111,1,Progress()
exten => 1111,2,Wait(1)
same => n,Originate(SIP/7002,app,ConfBridge,1)
same => n,Originate(SIP/7003,app,ConfBridge,1)
same => n,ConfBridge(1,default_bridge,admin_user)

I tried above things . Few things are not as per my expectation

  1. I want to start first conference and then want to make simultaneous call for 7002 and 7003
  2. Here it is first dialing 7002 ,Playing ringtone and after that it dials 7003. Which is not as per my need.

My actual requirement is shown in below image to send SIP request after conference is started

That gets difficult, as the dialplan application doesn’t have the Async option. You should be able to do it with call files, or AMI, and I suspect you can do it with ARI, but there is some complexity involved.

Hello @david551 , Thanks for a quick reply
I want to do some experiments using call files to add users automatically into a conference.
Do you have any examples of that?
Shall I have to use Originate for this?

Have you read Asterisk Call Files and HOW TO USE AN ASTERISK CALLFILE?

Note that the second link has an absolutely embarrassing instruction to ’ Set file permissions with chmod 777 .’ Just don’t. And if you don’t understand, google ‘why is chmod 777 bad.’ It’s like explaining how not to get COVID and one of the steps says “masks don’t work.” It destroys the credibility of everything else you say.

What output did you get from your experiments?

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How this call files know that conference is started ? Because I want to make calls and add them to conference once conference is started by admin user

Why would it? A call file is a ‘Lego block.’

Incredibly useful, but kind of dumb. It does a thing. It calls a channel and it executes an application (or jumps into a dialplan).

Did you get a different expectation from the links above?

You need to create (or schedule) the call file, maybe right before you create the conference…

Asterisk v15 introduced options like b and B (same as Dial) and v16 saw the a option added for async.

So on current LTS versions, you can do async with Originate()

Hello All, As per your suggestion, call files worked for me, which allows adding a user to the conference whenever needed.

Now I will design a small application in c++ which will detect that Conference is started and it will move call files to the appropriate folder to call dynamically to users to add to the conference.

Thanks a lot !

Thanks @sedwards , This tutorials really worked for me

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