Conference call using asterisk

Can anyone suggest the scratch scenario of making conference call (call bridging)? How can I achieve this using asterisk ? Is it respect with version of asterisk .i.e. does it change from asterisk version to version ? Regards.

Asterisk provides an application, ConfBridge, which can be used to create conference bridges (and conference calls). SIP phones also generally have the ability to do a conference call on them. You’re going to need to be more detailed in what you are trying to achieve.

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@jcolp Thank you for your reply. I want to make one scenario that can do more than one call to one (let’s say A) . Thus B,C,D,E etc. can call A simultaneously using asterisk. For that what kind of changes can be add to asterisk.
(Single)A can call -----> B,C,D,E,F etc.
B,C,D,E,F etc can call -----> A(Single)