Bare vanilla Confbridge

Hi community,

I try to figure out how to setup a bare vanilla ConfBridge or does the ConfBridge is the correct tool to use in my context?

What I want? Dial 6100 - Party Lines. Everybody is welcome, everybody is on the line, no pin, no waiting room, just doing a great get together for christmas. No Video by the way, just, open your sip client, dial 6100 and you’re in.

I already have my SIP test accounts 6001 and 6002 working as expected. Now 6001 and 6002 could dial the 6100 and we’re in without any other operations (PIN, announcement, etc…).

Thank you everyone and have a nice Holiday with your familly members, where ever they are in the world :slight_smile:


ConfBridge is for conference bridges, so yes it would be used for this.

Hi Jcolp and thank you for your answer. Ok but how to configure Asterisk to set the first caller to be the admin, who ever it is? Can we have a confbridge without defining an admin?

Thank you

That’s an example of the CONFBRIDGE dialplan function for controlling settings. It’s not required. There’s also configuration in confbridge.conf, but we provide defaults (unless whatever you’re using has changed the defaults).

The following should work:

exten => 1,1,Answer()
exten => 1,n,ConfBridge(1)
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I’ve tried but I’ve the announce saying that the admin needs to be login. I’ve used the configuration shown here (ConfBridge Functions - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki).

Let me retry. Thank you :slight_smile:

Argh, it edited my last post - but see that.

Super. I will test this in a few hours on my bench setup and let you know. Early morning here :). Thank you for the hint.

You should be able to look through the options in confbridge.conf and determine whether you may want to enable or disable certain things.

By far the most important setting for you is quiet=yes. dtmf_passthrough = yes is probably a close second.

Thank you for this, it works as expected.

Have nice Holidays season

I’ll take a look to this for sure.

ConfBridge Configuration - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki will be my next step to undersand and work with.

Have a nice Holidays season

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