SCCP-b asterisk 7940/60?

I’m trying to get a few dozen 7940/60 Cisco phones to work with Asterisk. I have SCCP-b installed. I got a SCCP firmware 6.0.3 ( P00306000300). It keeps asking for two files: SEP.cnf.xml, which I gave it after modifying the one that came with SCCP-b, and CTLSEP.tlv, which I cant give it of course bc it’s a call manager encrypted file. I’ve tried feeding it a blank .tlv or not giving it the file, no difference. It wont register with asterisk, just keeps looping asking for those two files. Suggestions, besides “use SIP” ?

Hi daleag,
even so this is a time sonce You posted, question:

  1. is it still an open issue?
    if yes:
  2. have You established a TFTP server to provide the files and is it reachable for the phones?