SayNumber - wrong file played

Hello, today I have found that when I try to play the “010” number with the SayNumber application, it plays the digits/8 file.
– Executing [s@say-account:11] SayNumber(“PJSIP/si3000-00006ba6”, “010”) in new stack
– <PJSIP/si3000-00006ba6> Playing ‘digits/8.alaw’ (language ‘ru’)
Before Asterisk 19.0 everything used to be OK.

If I convert string to number, everything plays right.

Are you sure you didn’t mean to use SayDigits?

In some computer languages, a 0 prefix causes a number to be interpreted as being in octal notation, in which case 8 is the right answer. Asterisk is probably using strtol() without specifying a base. That might still be considered a bug here, though

Was a bug, that is. An issue was filed[1] and fix went in. Would land in next releases.

[1] [ASTERISK-29950] SayNumber can handle '01' to '07', but not '08' or '09' - Digium/Asterisk JIRA

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