SayDigits "0" incorrect ("beep" instead of "zero")

Hi all, I’m using Asterisk 1.6 with my code:

[color=#FF0000]exten => s,n,SayDigits(${foo})[/color]

where foo = 10

And it shows the log:

[color=#FF4000]-- Executing [s@option_3.2:60] SayDigits(“DAHDI/13-1”, “10”) in new stack
– <DAHDI/13-1> Playing ‘digits/1.gsm’ (language ‘en’)
– <DAHDI/13-1> Playing ‘digits/0.gsm’ (language ‘en’)[/color]

According to code and log, there is nothing wrong but actually it said “beep” while playing “0” instead of zero. I had the same problem with other number which includes “0”. Some points:

  • It happens sometimes, not always.
  • I use iphone 3GS
  • I replace the 0-9.gsm files by my own recording (with my language)
  • Normally, it plays OK, nothing wrong but sometime it says “beep” for ONLY digit “0”. Nothing wrong with other digits.

Please help if you have any idea or experience on this. Thanks.