Satellite Offices and DUNDI

I am not skilled at * nor Linux, so please go easy on me. However, I have set up * servers (Trixbox, actually but considering AsteriskNow to simplify things) at our 3 satellite offices and everything works great. I have set up DUNDI so that you can call remote extensions and it works. We are now wanting to install * at our main office. In doing so, though, we want to be able to set up call grouping such that when a call comes into any of the offices, it rings at all receptionist stations at any office. We plan to keep * servers at each of the remote offices because we just don’t trust the internet or our vpn enough to ditch the FXO lines at each satellite.


  1. Can this be done? If so, how?
  2. Is this the best way to implement this system, i.e. multiple servers communicating via DUNDI? If not, how?

I would think this would have come up before, but I have searched through prior posts and not seen this discussed.

Thanks in advance.

Hopefully somebody with more experience will coroborate when I say you’re on the right track. I’ve set up a 70 extension central office with two small 6 extension satellite offices using DUNDi. It works quite well.

Having only one server with all offices depending on it is not smart.

How can this be done? Well if you’ve set up DUNDi between 3 offices you should certnainly be able to add a fourth one. To make things much easier each location should have a different 3 or 4 number range for extensions. 600 for the central office, 700, 800 etc. You could set up each receptionist at the x01 number. Then when a call comes in any office you ring 601&701&801&901, DUNDi will take care of the proper routing. But you know this…