DUNDi Question

Hello, all!!

I’ve been reading up on DUNDi and from what I’ve read it sounds as if DUNDi does what I’d like to do but I’d like to confirm:

  • I’d like to have N sites, each with their own local PBX, and a single set of 4-digit extensions each assigned to a person.
  • Person 1234 (identified by extension number) can connect to any of the PBX’s as they move from office to office
  • DUNDi would ensure that proper call routing is executed
  • Therefore, a single person can “take their extension with them” wherever in the world they go.

This still leaves open items such as voicemail - but we can tackle that one as we go. Or perhaps DUNDi can also be used to resolve mailbox location (i.e. which PBX has the voicemail?)…

I realize the above probably makes no sense but I’d appreciate comments and suggestions. Pointers to further reading and information are also welcome!