Multiple Asterisk Server Question


We are using asteriskNOW and are planning to deploy another server at a remote location. At the moment one server is serving both locations. The offices have a tunnel connecting the network between them.

We are planning to interconnect the two servers with iax. Our current, main office, is mainly served by a PRI connection and the remote location - for the time being - is going to only have voip. They will be interconnected, but we want the offices to be able to work independently should the interconnect go down.

We currently have a main number that customers call to reach both offices (the remote office has a voip number, but people still call the main number).

A large percentage of the calls get routed via the dial-by-name directory. The problem is that when we go to a two server setup I’m not sure how this is going to work. I’d like to avoid adding an IVR message saying "please call xxx-yyyy for our other branch. Directory is a pretty simple application that just pulls the info from voicemail.conf I believe, so is there an alternative to dial-by-name that will search the extensions at both offices - assuming the interconnect is active - and transfer the call accordingly?

I’ve started looking into DUNDi and was wondering if it would be possible to write an application using it to do this. I haven’t look into this much yet though…