Multiple office setup


I’m evaluating asterisk for usage in our company.

Have some specific questions.

We would like to have one server (central) in have phones on other locations connect to it via VPN. Thats no problem.
We would like to make intraoffice calls directly in local LAN not over asterisk (duuble bandwidth usage on VPN).
Is this possible? And how?

The other problem is extension numbering: There will be more extensions with number 100, 200 but on different locations.
Example: Office in NY: CEO (internal 100), CTO (internal 101), Secretary (internal 200).
Office LA: same thing. But when the Secretary in LA calls CEO in LA, she should only dial 100, same thing in NY (Considering the calls go oven local LAN (phone to phone) not over mail asterisk server). But when she call to NY she calls let’s say 566 (so the the CEO should be internaly available on 566 for every user on asterisk, but on 100 for everyone in NY office)

Is this setup possible?

Thank you


The normal way this would be done would be with nodes

so for example

NY is node 3
LA is node 2

You would then have 2 contexts LA and NY

the extensions in LA can dial 100 and get ext 100 in the LA context or 3100 and get 100 in the NY context and vice versa
of course if the some one visited form NY and they dialed 2100 to get the LA based CEO that will dial 100 in LA as expected.