SAIL - Asterisk on SME server

I just thought i’d report on my recent experiences of setting up Asterisk on SME server using SAIL (Selintra’s Asterisk modules for SME server).

Up till now i’ve preferred to configure Asterisk by editing the config files. I checked out A@H a bit, quite a while ago, and didn’t like it at all. But i decided to give SAIL a go as it seemed like a good idea to use SME as my gateway anyway, and having Asterisk integrated with it was attractive.

Installing SME was easy, as was installing SAIL afterwards. The SAIL documentation is very good - particularly for help with configuration. I have to admit, though, that i didn’t read through it before starting to configure the system and ended up working out most of it for myself - which wasn’t difficult at all.

The few things i couldn’t work out for myself, i ended up referring to the documentation for. And i did a few things the hard way by not reading the documentation first.

Overall, i’m very impressed. It’s an easy to use system . It includes all the basic configuration stuff you’d need - and allows you to configure anything fancy via “header” files and “Custom Apps”, in basically the same way you’d do it in the config files.

I think this is a very suitable form of Asterisk for a small business.