Noob needs install/config help

Hello everyone–I’m a Cisco engineer by trade, but after a nightmare with their UC520, I’m taking it upon myself to look into Asterisk. I’m running Fedora 11 in a VM on my laptop. I’m running the 1.4.26 free version. Everything looks like it compiled right from the CLI. I downloaded the GUI files to simplify my initial experience. I installed them, and made the mods to the http.conf and manager.conf files but I can’t access it. I’m not even sure it’s actually running at all.

Basically–I’m lost. Any help would be good. I checked services in the GUI and didn’t see any mention of Asterisk. I want to make this work, for myself and my clients–screw Cisco and they’re busted up product for SMBs.

Having no previous experience of linux, i used this tutorial to get me started on both the gui and asterisk

Took me about 2 hours.

Asterisk is best sytem ive ever used. 22 phones, 3 remote sites, 2 companies.
Total cost: c€3k save about €6k a year on call costs using voip provider. Well worth getting into.
Eqilvalent cisco cost was going to be about 15-20k :smiley: