Running AsteriskNow for first time-it asks for Deployment ID

Hi, I’m trying to run AsteriskNow on a Virtual Machine. But there’s text saying the machine isn’t activated yet and I need the deployment id. Typing in the ip address of eth0 on a webbrowser of the host OS doesn’t get me to the FreePBX configuration screen. So I guess it’s because of the machine being deactivated? Anyways, can you guys help me? Where do I get the deployment id or where can I create it? Here’s the screenshot:

Did you read the complete text, do you understand it?

It is clear to me.

You ask where you can get or create a deployment id.
" If this system is new, please go to the Activation (which is on the SYSTEM ADMIN PAGE in the WebUI and create the Deployment there", to me this means you have to go to the admin page, search for the activation and klick it, the rest will be easy…

Yes I did read the complete text but I don’t understand it. The guide for installing AsteriskNow doesn’t mention anywhere where the system admin page or WebUI is. I’ve also googled for , System admin page asterisk" or “webUI asterisk” but didn’t find anything. If the WebUI is the FreePBX I have to access with the eth0 ip address then it doesn’t make sense because I can’t access it, probably because the machine is deactivated
So where do I find the system admin page?

Activation of the system is done via the Freepbx webgui. I think that if you cant access the webinterface something has gone wrong with the intallation.You did follow this installation guide?

This manual even shows the link to the freepbx webinterface in the pictures.

Yes, I did. There isn’t much one can do wrong with the installation though…I guess I have to keep reinstalling then.