Help with installation

I’m having a rough time trying to install Asterisk. I can’t connect to the GUI web site. I’ve loaded asteriskNOW and on the first reboot after the software loads, it’s supposed to give me a web address for the web GUI but nothing appears. Also, exactly WHAT is supposed to appear in the NETWORK configuration. The default is LOCALHOST. Do I leave that as it is. The first DSN it picks up is which is the gateway router for my netword. Nothing is entered in the seconday or tertiary DSN. Do I lkeave that the way it is?
Also, how does the cabling run from the Asterisk box to the ISP router, the phone router (Broadvoice), etc. Is there a DIAGRAM POSTED ANYWHERE?


Its been awhile since Ihave looked at AsteriskNow, but from what I remember the machine boots and then you get a little menu on the screen which displays its IP address. Really you should not be setting the nic card to use DHCP, I would set the nic in the install to a static IP and see if that works.

There is a separate forum for AsteriskNow!