Asterisk newbie need help with first time installation

I installed the Asterisknow package with freepbx. once done the command line opens and it directs me to a particular address. Does the centos have a gui desktop ? if yes how do I get to that, if not , i want to launch firefox from the the CLI , which I could not inspite of repeated efforts please help me with this i want to get to the freepbx page via firefox . Thanks.

What you get with AsteriskNOW is a server environment, not a desktop environment. You should use another server with Firefox on it to connect to the AsteriskNOW system, not the same server.

Thank you very much for showing me the way!

I used another computer and was able to access Freepbx gui on it.

Now,In order to make calls I want to install some soft phone clients, where do I install these on the server or the computer that I used to access the interface

Install the softphone on the computer you used to access the interface or on another computer. Don’t run the softphone on the same computer running AsteriskNOW.

thank you very much !

Hi malcolmd

i downloaded the xlite soft phone on 2 different computers and stated the domain to be that which i used to point to access the freepbx, but when I dial it says the connection failed to establish.

what could be the reasons for this.

Do i have to make any changes in sip.conf?

The FreePBX interface should provide you with what you need to configure sip.conf for adding a SIP Peer, such as a softphone.



You need to hit the books and understand the theory behind VoIP before trying to implement a lab. You are asking all the wrong questions and I think malcom is too kind to answer your questions.

How are you going to ask if the soft phones should be installed on the server or other computers? Whats the point of the server? whats the point of the computers? Are all the users going to walk over to the server and make calls out of it? Are you only going to have softphones or hard phones as well? Do your reading then come back with some real configuration questions.

Im not asterisk guru I’m far from it, but that’s why I joined these forums, to find out what I don’t know or cant find out on my own.



I think its wise for you to focus more on your purpose to join this forum rather than make involuntary remarks.

if you are not interested just mind your work.

I know my questions and also I know I read, also a server can be used in case there are no other computers to be used, in case u didnt know.


There was advice given in that last post. He recommended “hitting the books.” Which is what you need to do, the latest book
"Asterisk - The Future of Telephony Second Edition" is actually free as a pdf file from here
Now we all suggest you read through that book, there is alot of power here with Asterisk, and just like any PBX vendor/manufacturer no one wants you just putting a system out there without knowing what is going on. It is very easy to leave servers unsecure and allowing guests to login and make calls through your server(which you dont want). There are some tips here(which are in my signature as well)

Please follow these rules!
Use this to be more secure as well! … d+Asterisk

You will notice there are alot of passionate people here do not become offended at what they say but read between the lines. I have been on these forums for a while and started out much like you, asking questions without looking or trying. You are using the freepbx gui, there are freepbx forums at I would suggest you learn the cli before playing with a gui but to each their own. Now with all that, we understand it can be frustrating learning something new, but there are alot of resources for asterisk out there. Podcasts, VidCasts, Forums(there are even forums dedicated to IP phones, chat rooms… … 8&oe=utf-8 – not sure if that one works., #asterisk
AsteriskNow Forums - viewforum.php?f=14
I am sure there are tons more that a simple google search will find.
As always please continue to use the forums there are wonderful people here that know alot about Asterisk and all things Asterisk, but be ready to hear things that you dont want to hear. It’s kind of like…When you get asked the same questions over and over, you really dont want to answer them anymore and that is why you will hear alot about reading "The book"
ohh and enjoy asterisk, once you get started and get things working you will be hooked and then you can start helping others out!

Thanks for the info!