Rollover incoming calls

I am new to the voip world . I am currently using asterisk@home v1.2.1 with Axvoice. I have tried everything I know of to get incoming calls to rollover on my Gulfstream 2000 phones however, I can’t ge it to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

John M

You will need to explain this a little better. Are you referring to roll over for your POTS lines or dialing one phone and rolling over and dialing another?

Incoming calls do not roll over to the next available line on the incoming extension. Therefore, if I’m on a call and another call comes in from either a new incoming call or from another extention instead of rolling to line 2 they go directly to voice mail.

What kind of phones are you using?

The only phones iconnected to my system are Gulfstream 2000. I have no POTS.

Sorry not familar with that phone.