Analog lines/ DID / Internal Routing

I’ve just learned that it is not possible to get the DID with an analog line. Is there any trick to work around this problem in order to route calls properly in an office of 4 people (including 1 receptionist) with 4 analog lines that roll over for incoming calls? Without using an IVR system.

I’d like to assign a phone number to each employee so that the employee’s extension rings when his number is dialed. This can be done by hard coding the incoming ZAP channel to the given extension. But of course the problem arrises when the number is occupied. In this situation the incoming call rolls over to the next ZAP channel. Now my mapping is wrong and the 2nd employee will get the call meant for the first.

Perhaps I need to remove the roll-over feature and get the telco (BellSouth) to forward busy calls? This is possible, right? I can forward-on-busy the three lines to the receptionist. Of course if the receptionist is on the phone I’m in trouble. I’ll need to get her more lines…

Any thoughts?

Yes indeed, put each one of your channels in a seperate group with a different context.


Sorry, I don’t quite follow. Very interested in a solution, can you elaborate?

You can send incoming calls from each line into a different context in extensions.conf, then you can easily differentiate between the lines on incoming calls.

If you would like me to set it up for you drop an email to

To do this you would have to get rid of the roll-over

Dude…get 2 ISDN ports, issue solved.

“Analog lines”…we are in the 3rd century :smiling_imp:

yes, definitely next time…definitely! (although the installation is in Miami, not Barcelona :smiley: )