Inbound Rollover by Asterisk? Does it exist?


I would like to know if I can purchase 5 inbound home SIP lines from lets say Vonage only for now. Tell all my customers for my SOHO(Small Office Home Office) business only one phone number and config Asterisk so that this one phone number is never busy unless all 5 phone numbers are busy. I would normally call this an inbound trunk roll-over. Now I know usually you buy these from phone companies but I was hoping that there was a way to have Asterisk handle this? I can dream up an idea for how Asterisk might do it. Asterisk could recieve call on line 1 from Vonage and three way the call to line 2, then transfer the call to line 2, and have line 1 hang up.

Any help would be great.

Jeff Lee

No the rollover would be done on the providers side. However some voip providers allow you to have many calls per account/peer/number(whatever you want to call it). Further more the method you describe how Asterisk would do this, I don’t think thats possible. Each line contains different authentication and a call can’t just be moved to that other line via Asterisk.

yeah, you’re making this way too complicated. if you get a call via SIP or IAX2, you just make sure the provider allows as many inbound channels as you need and “it just works”.

Asterisk does exactly what you need it to do and even more. First thing is forget about Vonage, you cannot setup their account on Asterisk (they don’t provide customers such account info). Secondly is to get SIP accounts from providers like voicepulse; it comes with four channels by default so you can have four calls in either direction at a time. And you can purchase more channels to that one number as much as you want. Where * comes in is you have to configure queues (queues.conf, extensions.conf, and agents.conf) so that all inbound calls go into a queue that plays them music while they wait and reassures them of their place in line as more calls come in and more completed calls hang up, at the same time it will ring all the extensions you set it to ring all at a time, or round robbing, etc depending on what you set it to do and whichever picks up first gets the call. I hope this helps