Auto Calls , Report and Get confirmation

Hi Guys,
I’m newbe in Asterisk and I need to a system that call and play a voice and get response through the phone keypad.
I need to know, Can I use Asterisk as a auto-call server for my project? If not what is the best for my need?

Lets I explain myself with an example.
1- In my website(PHP App) some problem reported.
2- Web application will contact to the auto-call system, give the dial number and voice of report.
3- Auto-dial system should call to the number, play the report’s voice and get confirmation from responder. (i.e. Accept press 1 || Doesn’t accept press 2).
4- Send Acceptance to the web app.

Thank in advanced,

I have developed exactly the same solution. I did it using PHP Asterisk AMI and MYSQL and Linux cronjob.