Road map to record incoming and outgoing call

i want to record incoming and outgoing call made from my android mobile phone and i want to set up asterisk in between. i am quite new to asterisk so can anyone give me a road map what i will be needing to accomplish this. if the hardware is required then please suggest me that too

Voice over IP is illegal in our country so lets exclude that option.

You need to install a SIP or IAX client in your Android device. Configure the client with your Asterisk Box, and record the calls using the Mixmonitor() app. You need a Digium analog Card for make and receive calls trough your Asterisk Box.

so if the call is a normal call ( not voice call ) then also i will be able to record voice in asterisk server ?

What do You understand under “normal call” ?
However: Recording a call makes only sense if the call transports voice or do You have any scenario wher You want to record eg fax tones for any reason ?