Weird recording need

Ok, I have a weird need, and I was hoping someone might have a suggestion of how to go about solving it.

I need to record a call ON my PC. I have an application that supports a call center. This application can record phone calls from a windows audio device (sound card, usb device, etc) and store them in a database so they can be played back for any given entry in the call log.

Now I know Asterisk can record calls itself, but that’s not how the app works. It wants to record the call itself.

So what i’m looking for is a Windows Audio Driver for Asterisk. I want it to be able to record the call, over the network, on the PC associated with a given extension.

Any ideas here? Is there anything that does this? If not, where would I start to look to develop such a driver? Thanks.

Anyone? Bueller?

If you want to pay some one you can try contacting Digium or the asterisk developers list ( I would suggest maybe recording the call and then use an agi to scp the file over to a diferent server and make an entry in a db on the recording and the informations associated on the call. You can also call a SIP extension on the remote computer and have the call in a conference.

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to code of the application, or it’s database, so I can’t insert calls recorded elsewhere. Not to mention getting access to the call id’s and other information to correctly insert would be difficult.

I was hoping someone out there might have already had this need and found a way to address it. If not, I guess i’m going to be stuck hacking a solution myself.


The CID comes in on the call. You can store the info in a mysql db on the asterisk server.

You misunderstnd. I’m referring to the record ID of the Call the application uses internally. Not the Caller ID.

The application stores calls with numbers it generates internally. There isn’t any easy way for me to get at that information to insert the call manually. That’s why I have to let the application do the recording through the Windows sound card.

Currently, we use patch cables from the handset to the sound card input, but i’d MUCH rather find a solution that works natively with Asterisk.

I was just going to recommend what you do now.

Based on what you said that program assigns its own ID’s how would asterisk ever work with it ? This is why originally suggested that you write something new that will be hosted on the asterisk server.

Another idea would be to have an AGI on asterisk to get the ID on the windows box and then SCP over the sound file (that you recorded on your asterisk box) over to the windows box.

Why not use ScopServ, enable the “recording all calls option” and listen to a call by clicking on the woofer icon in the detailed call records on the webinterface. You can even add a comment to every call if you enable this. It will costs you just a fraction of having a custimized solution.