How to record all sucessfull call of incoming and outgoing?

hello everybody
i want to record all the incoming and outgoing call of users so how to configure all these setting in the asterisk configuration files.
which files i have to modified and how to do this ?please tell me stepwise.

are you using a distro based around Asterisk (like A@H, TrixBox etc), or a self-installed and compiled setup ? also, what version of Asterisk are you using ?

hello baconbuttie
i just self installed and setup the asterisk server and i am using asterisk-1.2.2.tar.gz version.
Now i want to record all the sucessfull call of incoming and outgoing call so any help and sugguestion are greatly appreciated .


firstly, you should upgrade Asterisk. didn’t 1.2.2 have serious issues when bridging calls ?

have you done any research on call-recording ? use the wiki to look for MixMonitor and Monitor, and use the CLI to see the apps, i.e.

once you’ve read that lot you can modify your dialplan. come back to us if you have problems. don’t forget to post an example you’re having problems with.[/code]