Ringtone problems

I have a dialplan with a context that takes in calls, as a call queue. When I exhaust all of the dials to various phones that are in my answer pool, I then play some WaitMusicOnHold for a few seconds, before issuing a goto to the head of the context to try the extensions again

Now I was’nt hearing WaitMusicOnHold if I had gone through all of my extensions without it being answered. I got round this by issuing an Answer command. I can now hear WMOH.

Problem now is that I am presenting US ringtones to the incoming caller. I’m in the UK and this is not what I want.

I have set my default location to uk in indications.conf but I am still seeing this. Is there anything else I should be aware of?



Sounds like you are simulating a queue without using Asterisk queues; why?

For the MOH, it is possible that you are falling foul of http://bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=13545; is there anything about your extensions that would trigger early media?

If you don’t answer the call, and you are using an IP phone (you didn’t say), you will get the tone locale for the phone, in which case you need to configure the phone, or configure the dialplan to force an answer. Forcing an answer will start charging on public networks.

Full debugging really requires details of the incoming and agent phones, the dialplan, and, possibly, DIP history or debug output.

I am implementing my own queue because I want to run two queues for two location, but I want all users to be able to join and/or leave either queue on the fly.

I don’t think it’s the bug you quoted as I am not using any Cisco gear in my set up.

I’m not sure it’s to do with the types of phone I ma usingm and it’s reginal settings, and the I am hearing the US ringtone on the PSTN side of the equation.

What I have is:

PSTN—>Asterisk—>IAX Hardphone
|—>IAX Hardphone
|----->IAX Hardphone
|-------> IAX Hardphone
----> IAX Hardphone

They are all Atcom 530’s. The idead is that if no-one pickes up the call incoming, then MOH is played. When I try and ring round again, I get US ringtone presented to the incoming caller on the PSTN side.

I can’t see a way of forcing a UK rintgone.



The fact that it was a Cisco isn’t very important.

I don’t have much experience of direct PSTN connection or IAX, but could the IAX phones be generating early media and sending ringback in band. The “Cisco” problem is really an early media problem, and in band indications could explain the failure to honour indications.conf.

What ringback do you get if your dialplan does something like: