PRI: double ringtone + Asterisk catching "on hold" locally


This may be a n00b question (and it may be related to: viewtopic.php?t=77375), but I’m stumped. The problem is this: I have a PRI circuit and a SIP-to-GSM gateway for outgoing calls. When I dial an outgoing line that goes over the PRI, I hear two ringtones: one from Asterisk, which gets overlayed with the one from the network (or the other way around, hard to tell). This does not happen when the call is routed over the SIP-to-GSM gateway.

Furthermore, if I get put on hold on the other end, my own Asterisk’s MoH application kicks in. Depending on the MoH that the other end provides, this can be a blessing or a curse, but for the sake of consistency, I’d like to turn this off.

I’m sure there’s a really simple knob that I forgot to turn… Except I cannot figure out which.

This is on an AsteriskNOW box:


Let me know if I need to provide more info.


loadzone = nl
defaultzone = nl

Span 1: WCT1/0 “Wildcard TE122 Card 0” (MASTER) HDB3/CCS/CRC4 ClockSource



Asterisk always generates MoH when the remote end puts it on hold. At least with SIP I believe this is necessary in order to ensure that you get MoH when a local extension puts it on hold.

However, you might want to follow this issue: