Ring tones and Aastra phones

Is there a way to send an alert info header command to tell the phone which ring tone to use? I would like to have the Aastra 9133i phones use different ring tones based on an internal vs external call, or which incoming line is ringing, etc. Sure I can hard code those in the .cfg files or the web gui, but I want to do it on the fly.
At the moment I have assigned two extension numbers to each phone, one for L1 and one for L2. Then I set the various ring tones in the .cfg files and Asterisk sends the incoming calls to the proper button. That works, but, besides wasting alot of extension numbers, I have a problem with the Park and Pickup soft buttons. They have a Line number as part of their definition. If a call comes in on L2 and I have the Park button programmed for L1, then the button does not work.

Hi to test ring tones

have a look at cyber-cottage.co.uk/wiki/ind … g_patterns

and the park buttons works as expected. they are defined line by line. never tried it with out a line defined or even ranges.


The link above seems to be down. Here is what you will want to use in your dialplan:

           SIPAddHeader(Alert-Info: info=<Bellcore-dr4>);

You can change the ring pattern to 1 of 8 patterns. So like Bellcore-dr4, Bellcore-dr1, Bellcore-dr2 etc. Good luck!

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