Distinctive Ring/Alert-Info on Aastra phones?


I’ve got a collection of Aastra 9133i and 480i phones, I’ve been testing the 1.4 firmware - mostly trying to get distinctive ring to work.

I cannot manage to alter the ring cadence though.

I’ve found that I can inject the Alert-Info SIP header by adding “SipAddHeader(Alert-Info: Bellcore-dr2)” into my dial plan. When I do Set(__ALERT_INFO=“Bellcore-dr2”) this does not alter the SIP headers.

I have put a line in the Aastra config file such as:
"priority alerting enabled: 1"
Which I would hope enables the functionality - but still no change.

What I want to do it have one ring for incoming-external calls and another for incoming-internal calls.

Can any one help me out?


PS i’m on Asterisk 1.2.5

i’m configuring an office of 25 newly upgraded to 1.4 phones tomorrow … this is bound to come up !

interesting that someone here voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … uto+Answer has an additional “info=” in the ALERT_INFO string, and they are only using a single underscore. sure, it’s not for ringtone, but it might make the difference.

my 480i is out on loan, so i’ll play tomorrow and let you know if i have any success.


Thx, I’d appreciate any help with this.

I have played around a bit more, had a break and came back to it with a clear head. “Set(_ALERT_INFO=blah)” [single underscore] works for me, at least it puts the Alert-Info into the SIP header.

Still neither this nor SipAddHeader produce any change in ring cadence.

I’m wondering if the there’s a mistake in the manual or this functionality depends on switching something on/off on the phone which I’ve missed.

Cheers, liam


I’ve spoken to Aastra technical support


You need to include the angled brackets around the Bellcore cadence statement in your extensions.conf


exten => 1004,1,Set(_ALERT_INFO=)

You don’t need to enable the Priority alerting in the IP Phone (Web GUI) - this is only for use with the Sylantro SIP Server.


So there we go. I’ve tested it and it works!


ok, the Aastra documentation is wrong ! (in my opinion). the options that are supposed to apply to Sylantro apply to other firmware.

i added the following to my aastra.cfg, or you can edit the settings via the web GUI :

alert group: 0 alert external: 1 alert internal: 2 alert emergency:3 alert priority: 4

then added a test extension to extension.conf :

exten => 336,1,Set(__ALERT_INFO=info=alert-group) exten => 336,2,Dial(SIP/208|5|) exten => 336,3,Set(__ALERT_INFO=info=alert-internal) exten => 336,4,Dial(SIP/208|5|) exten => 336,5,Set(__ALERT_INFO=info=alert-external) exten => 336,6,Dial(SIP/208|5|) exten => 336,7,Set(__ALERT_INFO=info=alert-emergency) exten => 336,8,Dial(SIP/208|5|) exten => 336,9,Set(__ALERT_INFO=info=alert-priority) exten => 336,10,Dial(SIP/208|5|)
208 being my Aastra 480i (back from loan … forcibly !)

this works, and also tells me that Bellcore ring tones (un)officially suck !