How best to use ALERT_INFO with mixed group of phones?

I have managed to get most of my phones to respond to the _ALERT_INFO commands so I can have various ring types depending on the source of the call. But now, is there a way to merge this together in the dialplan? I have 1 Polycom 501, 3 Linksys SPA922’s, 1 Sipura 841, and an Aastra 9133i. Yeah I know it would have been much easier if all the phones where identical, but due to price, being in the right place at the right time, etc., I’ve ended up with a mixture in my home office. I am currently using Queue’s, OfficePhones and HomePhones with a combination of the phones in each. This works great so far.
I would like to fix the ring of each phone so I can tell which line is ringing, my home line or the office line. I can do this with the _ALERT_INFO variables but each model phone needs something different. How do I send something different to each phone at the same time? Possible?

i’ve just added a SIp header that is appropriate for each and every phone type, but i must admit, have never taken any notice of whether it gets overwritten by the last statement in the block. i think it’s worked alright sofar, or maybe i’ve just been lucky !!

What does the exten => line look like that you send to the 922’s ?? I can not get the phone to pay any attention to the standard _ALERT_INFO lines I have used with the Polycom.

i could be wrong but as i recall with polycom you have to define the ring style on the phone as well as the server.

With most phones just set the alert info to be like Bellcore-drX (replace X with 1-whatever),
with polycom as I recall on the phone you create a ring profile (say ‘internal’), assign a ringer to it, and then set the alert info to be ‘internal’.

Could be wrong on that tho

Sorry I guess my replay was too vague. I “do” have my Polycom working just fine. I figured out the .cfg files and alert_info stuff.

I can not get the same type of thing to work on the Linksys SPA922 phones now. Those are the ones I am working on now.

exten => 200,1,SetVar(_ALERT_INFO=“Ring3”)
exten => 200,1,SipAddHeader(_ALERT_INFO=“Ring3”)

Neither of the above work on the SPA922.