Any way to send diff ALERT_INFO commands simultaniously?

I have a bunch of Aastra 9133i phones in my SOHO and I’ve figured out how to send an __ALERT_INFO message to the phone to make it use a different ring tone. But is there any way to issue a Dial(SIP/1&SIP/2) command but send an ALERT message to SIP/1 that says ring loud and a different ALERT message to SIP/2 that says ring silent??
What I’m trying to do is have all phones in the house “ring” when a call comes in my business line, but only my office phones actually make noise. I want the rest of the phones in the kitchen, bedroom, etc. to ring silently so that the call is still being sent to the phone and I can answer it. I just don’t want my wife to have to listen to it ring all day and wonder if the call is for her or me.

Edit: This is also necessary if you have different brands or models of phones that require different ALERT sequences.


Not tried it but I would guess if you dialed Dial(Local/1&Local/2) it could do it.

You then just create local extension with the alert in