Ring group and caller-id

Hello all!

We have an Asterisk PBX with some internal extensions in the from-internal context. We also have an extension for the intercom associated to an extension (230) in the from-intercom context.

Now we need it to ring all the internal extensions whenever when someone activate it.

The from-intercom is as follow:

exten => 310,1,Goto(ext-group,601,1)

601 is a ring group that rings all the from-internal extensions according to some time conditions, etc.

Now it works, but the caller-id is lost in the 230->601 goto. Instead of showing the caller id the system shows “Anonymous”.

How can we preserve the correct caller-id (230)?

Goto won’t lose the caller ID. What is the code at the target of the Goto?

If it is supplied by FreePBX, please use https://community.freepbx.org/ as we don’t know what there dialplan does.

NB ring group is a concept created by FreePBX on top of Asterisk.

I’d suggest looking at a Elsastix support forum, I don’t believe anyone here will be familiar with the intricacies of their dialplans.

It’s really hard to tell what that extension does with all those callouts to other macro’s and subroutines.

I would hazard a guess that eitherthe ‘user-callerid’ macroor the ‘sub-rgsetcid’ subroutine is.

It may be easier to have your from-intercom extension just ring the phones you need to reach directly.

Ok, I see, thanks.
How would you accomplish that?

By calling Dial (using the & operator to dial multiple devices in parallel).

How you integrate that with the FreePBX dialplan is something you will have to ask the FreePBX people.

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