How do you pass a call to a ring group PHPAGI?

Hello, how do you pass a call that is answered to a ring group with PHP AGI?

I also should mention that my ring group has both extensions and external numbers.

Assuming you re using phpagi class and FreePBX, ringroups are accessible in the from-internal context.


Thank you, and how would you verify that it is in the internal context?

Okay, so it is internal. It works except for when you have an external line and an internal line. Is there a way you are supposed to connect these two channels?

Dont understand your question

So when the ring group is called from a PJSIP extension and answered on a PJSIP extension it works fine. E.G. Call started from 101 and was answered on 102.

However, if it is called from a POTS line and answered on the PJSIP extension it there is no audio transferred between the two. E.G. Call started from 7195553020 and was answered on 102.

Is there something that I need to do to get the audio to transfer?


$agi = new AGI();
$agi->exec_goto('from-internal','801', 1);

[Ring Group 801]


This audio issue have nothing to do with AGI, verify you NAT setting on the PJSIP endpoint, note if you re using FreePBX all configuration is done using its GUI ,which is not supported on this forum

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